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Counter Flow Chiller Build

I just wanted to post some information in regards to building a homemade counter flow chiller.  Please see the below link for parts and instructions on building a CFC that doesn’t require soldering.  I felt this was the better alternative because the unit can be taken apart for cleaning and what not.


Mike and I built a CFC based on the above link and tested it last night.  We boiled about 7 gallons of water and then ran it through the chiller.  With about a half turn on the water line from my house, the entire volume of water was cooled below 64degF in about 15min.  In reality, it probably took 10-13min, but I’m being conservative here.

Since I bought a bunch of other random stuff with the materials, I’m not quite sure on the total cost yet.  Although, I’m extremely confident that building your own will save you a lot of money versus buying a CFC.  Plus, who doesn’t like building stuff!

We also made our own flow through thermometer to help us gauge our out temperature.  I will post something on how to make this shortly…..