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1st ‘Official’ Meeting – Recap

Alright Fellas,

So I would finally have to say that we have our first true club meeting behind us.  I suggest you have a home brew to congratulate yourselves!

One of the main things we discussed was future meeting dates, times, and locations.  For now, we will move forward with meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.  As for location, until otherwise noted, we will assume that we can work something out with Ward, Rick, and Jacob at Brewery Vivant.  So, the next meeting….

Location: Brewery Vivant

Date: Feb. 15th

Time: 7:30-9:30pm

We have also decided upon brewing a specific style for our monthly meetings.  Please see the new page ‘Monthly Brew Styles’ for the style of month in 2011.  In order to give everyone time to brew (hopefully), we will begin this activity with our March meeting.  The style will be open , so brew whatever you like or bring something you have sitting on your shelf.

A few other topics of discussion were officer positions and dues.  These two topics were touched on briefly, but it seemed like they needed a bit more time to develop.  For next meeting, please consider the following questions and any others you may have:

1) What positions should we have and what are their responsibilities?  Should we vote or start with volunteers?  President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, etc……

2) How much are dues?  When are they collected and what are they used for?

And the final discussion, was an optional beer tasting day at Jeremy’s house.  He has offered up his place on Tuesday Feb. 1st for some craft beer tasting.  I’m assuming Jeremy will send out his address via email prior to tasting day.

Again, thanks for the attendance and happy brewing!



Brewsquito Gathering

For those of you that can make it, our first group get together will be September 10 (Friday), starting at or around 6:30pm.  Bring some homebrews to pass around if you have any available.  I’ll have some snacks and what not, but plan to have a full meal beforehand.

This is going to be very informal, and no one will be brewing this time, so it should be a lot less chaotic then our last attempt.  If I can get some things organized prior to, I’ll attempt to have a loose agenda for a meeting.  At the very least though, I’d like to get some ideas from everyone about what they would like this club to be and what it should be all about.  Don’t forget to bring your taste buds for some constructive criticism either!

I plan to have this shin-dig at my house due to the homebrew situation, so I’ll send out a separate email with my address to everyone.  Please let me know if you are going to be able to attend.


Bottled Beers…..Is A Tasting Party On Order?

Mike and I bottled our second go at our Irish Red and our first attempt at a Pale Ale last night.  Needless to say we are VERY excited for these beers to condition.

How about a group gathering the weekend of Sept 10-12?  I’m open to any of those days…just let me know your thoughts.

Mike and I will have 4 beers for tasting by then.  Will anyone else have beers conditioned and ready?

Anyone out there?

Alright, so who’s brewing out there?  Any brew days planned for anyone?